Kohinoor Indian Restaurant
7/227 Old Albany Village, SH 17, Albany
Auckland, New Zealand
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Kohinoor, the Indian Jewel.

Menumania, 8th December 2010:
Kohinoor Indian Cuisine is such a delicious and delightful restaurant to dine in. I may not be Indian but the food was so tasty and extremely delicious it’s not like any other Indian restaurants. Also the environment and atmosphere was just beautiful, the colours and lighting in the restaurant sets a relaxing and calm vibe definitely a place to DINE FOR !!!
- Prisila

Menumania, 13th December 2010:
Very good service and wonderful customer care, well done keep it up.
- vina

Menumania, 29th November 2010:
I happened to dine in Kohinoor with a group of people. There were enough varieties to suit the taste of each of us. The ambiance was pleasing, food was delicious, service was great and the prices seemed reasonable.
- Sam K.

Menumania, 28th October 2010:
We’ve tried few different Indian restaurants recently and this one is clearly one of the best! The food is absolutely delicious! - Bart

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